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Electrical Services

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Weston Handyman Electrical Services


Weston Handyman Electrical Services

When ensuring that the proper safety measures are taken, replacing light fixtures, changing light bulbs, and installing dimmer switches are simple tasks to perform. However, high voltage work, such as replacing the ballast or installing ceiling fans is sometimes better left to a professional.

Handyman Weston has the skills and expertise to take on all electrical jobs while making safety the top priority. With over 10 years of experience, Handyman Weston performs all work properly while preventing dangerous hazards that typically result from substandard workmanship. When you enlist Handyman Weston for the electrical work you need in your home or business, you can expect:

  • Licensed, certified, and insured handymen
  • Assistance to help you determine the right fixtures for the space.
  • Efficient services that ensure minimal downtime, and professional finishes.
  • Proper installation in your residence or commercial space.

Call Handyman Weston when you need any of the following services performed safely and proficiently:

  • General electrical maintenance, including replacing electrical cords, wire outlets, installation of dimmers and more.
  • Installation of ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Replace fixtures. If you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, Handyman Weston can replace your lighting fixtures, update your hardware for a fresh look, and also make basic electrical upgrades.