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Home Renovations

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Home Renovations

Whether you need more room for your growing family, or it’s simply time for a fresh home makeover, Handyman Weston can help you improve your home and increase its value. Updating the appeal of your home as well as bringing it up to current safety standards is a smart way to invest in your home, making it a viable asset.

Handyman Weston can renovate every area of your home, and can handle any necessary permitting for renovations that are considered beyond the typical weekend project. Enlist Handyman Weston for any of the following projects, and let us help you turn your home into your ideal dream home:

  • Throughout the home: Install an archway, knock down a wall, add built-in shelving, and transform any room by increasing its functionality.
  • Bath Remodeling: Replace your old vanity and gain more counter and storage space. Add new water conserving toilets and showers, or upgrade it completely with a new floor and tub. Handyman Weston can optimize your bathroom to make it serve your family needs more efficiently.
  • Kitchen Remodeling: There are so many ways to update your kitchen and make it more functional. Build an island, create a larger pantry, install a double sink, add cupboards, counter space, or change cabinetry and appliances. Your kitchen will be brand new and able to accommodate of all of your cooking endeavors!
  • Flooring: This is the first item to consider when renovating a room. New flooring should also always be done by a professional, as it can be a messy job, and those who are not experienced can easily make mistakes that will appear as bumps, lifting, or other signs of poor installation down the road. Handyman Weston can help you find the perfect flooring, expertly remove your old flooring, and install the new floor properly. Good quality, correctly installed flooring can provide years of use.
  • Crown Molding: The addition of crown molding can really transform a room, giving it a polished and sophisticated look. Handyman Weston can point you in the right direction when choosing between design and style options, and our skilled team is equipped with a variety of tools and materials that help the installation process go smoothly, resulting in an efficient project that was performed with great attention to detail and accuracy. Crown molding can dramatically improve the look of your home, and will appeal to future homebuyers.
  • Handicap Accessibility: Make the adjustment to a handicap less difficult. Let Handyman Weston widen doorways, build ramps, and make your kitchen and baths more accommodating and easier to use.
  • Patios and Outdoor Decks: Renovating the exterior of your home can provide curb appeal and functionality to your home. Handyman Weston can build new, or repair and improve your existing patio, deck, or porch. We can add railings, ceiling fans, or outdoor lighting. Patio enclosures are an effective way of extending your entertainment space and outdoor living area without going the more costly route of adding on a new room. Spruce up the overall look of your property by installing an outdoor deck. Outdoor decks are eco friendly, visually appealing, and family friendly. They provide entertainment opportunities, and increase your property’s value. Whether you are in the market for a brand new deck, or just standard repair and maintenance, Handyman Weston will take care of this project expertly and efficiently.
  • Get Organized! Handyman Weston can transform your closet, garage, or pantry with a proficiently built organization system that consists of a new system of shelving or cupboards, making it easier for you to provide a home for everything you own.