Pressure Washing

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Pressure Washing

There are many benefits to pressure washing your home and property, and include making your home look years newer. When you enlist Handyman Weston, we provide quality power washing and house cleaning services, using the latest equipment and the most care as to protect your plants and property. We use safe detergents, low-pressure techniques, and employ a team that is professional and attentive, who will first prepare your home by:

  • Taping outlets
  • Covering delicate items, such as outdoor speakers, TVs, and security cameras
  • Moving exterior furniture away from the home
  • Inspecting the home to uncover any areas of concern

Pressure washing is the most affordable way to increase your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, a pressure washed home can add $10,000 to $15,000 to the sale price!

Pressure washing removes stains and mildew, and improves the curb appeal of your property, especially if you are thinking about selling your home. It is considered preventative maintenance as it deters rot, decay, and premature aging of your home. It extends the life of your driveway, walkways, porch and patio, and it prevents the growth of bacteria, which helps you avoid injuries from occurring on your property that are caused by slipping and falling.

Handyman Weston also provides:

  • Roof washing: Get rid of the ugly black stains that are caused by algae and dirt, which can lead to premature roof replacement as well as increased heating and cooling costs.
  • Window cleaning: Our professional squeegees and special detergents will provide long lasting results. We wash exterior sills to remove dirt and mildew. We will scrub your screens to rid them of dirt and pollen.
  • Driveway cleaning: Handyman Weston will first prepare your driveway surface with a concrete brightener. Following this pretreatment, we will use a surface cleaner that will remove any oil, rust, or other stains.
  • Deck cleaning, staining, and restoration: Decks tend to get dirty and grey from water and sun damage. Handyman Weston uses low pressure deck restoration service, which will return the wood of your deck to its natural color, and protect it from future sun, rain and mildew damage. We use the highest quality and pigmented deck stains that will keep your deck looking beautiful.